"This place is on the coast of the Solent, facing Hurst Castle. At one time quantities of alum were found on its beach, hence the name given to the bay, but its modern fame arose chiefly from the fact that the cliffs present a beautiful aspect owing to the various colours of the sandrock formations in the cliffs. Bottles are filled with sands in such curious fashion that they show pictorial representations, and are sold to visitors as curiosities. At Alum Bay Mr Henry Dowty has a pottery in which he manufactures red ware, which has become quite celebrated. He permits visitors to inspect his pottery. There is a pier here, and during the season excursionists visit the place in large numbers from the mainland and from various parts of the Isle of Wight. " {Totland Bay}

Alum Bay


The Minerva Isle of Wight Pictorial and Guide - circa 1900