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Welcome to my site of hovercraft photographs and information.

I started this site to present some pictures of hovercraft which I have taken over the years, going back to the early 1960's. As a kid I wasn't a professional photographer with professional equipment, and things haven't changed much over the years ! So I apologise for the quality of the pictures, but I feel they are of interest despite their quality and are better in the public domain rather than stuck in a dark drawer.

To complete the picture of UK hovercraft from the 1960's, I've taken the liberty of including some pictures from other sources - various postcards, magazines and books etc. - I think I've acknowledged all such. I also give details of the craft and the various hovercraft manufacturers which were involved with early hovercraft development in the UK.

To the best of my knowledge and unless otherwise stated, the copyright of all the pictures on this site belong to me - unfortunately I trusted a fellow pupil at Bishop Lovett School, Ryde with the negatives (so he could get copies made) during the last term at school and I never saw him or the negatives again - a lesson learnt early in life, don't trust anyone unless you are willing to loss out. The chap did appear on friendsreunited a year or so ago, but he didn't response when I asked if he could return the negatives some 35 years later !!

I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful. If you are in education; feel free to use any information contained here, but please acknowledge your source.

If you have any old photographs hovercraft, send a copy to me (preferable as a .jpg file by e-mail - 150dpi, files less than 500kbyte preferred) and I'll try to include them (with due acknowledgement).

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