"... which can be reached from Newport, easily driven to from Sandown or Shanklin, or by train to WroxalI, and a delightful walk through Appuldurcombe Park. There is a good deal to be seen at Godshills, which lies 5 ½ miles from Newport, four from Shanklin, and five north west of Ventnor.

The Parish Church (All Saints’) is said to be one of six or seven churches given by Fitz-Osborne to the Normandy Abbey of Lire. It is of Early English style, cruciform, with chancel and nave, north and south transepts, and south porch. It stands on a hillock by itself. Tradition states that when the builders started the erection of this church they began at the foot of the hill, but that during the night some mysterious personages - angels, it was thought - carried the materials to the top. This having occurred night after night, it was decided to abandon the lower site, and hence the place took the name of Godshill. The church contains some interesting memorial tablets and the tombs of men of renown among the ancients of the Isle of Wight. A few years ago the London and local newspapers had a great deal to say about a large picture in this church representing Daniel among the lions. It was presented to the church by the former Earl of Yarborough, who resided at Appuldurcombe, a mile from the church. It was stated that it was the bona fide work of the great Rubens; and when the  churchwardens thought they had something valuable it was reported that their price for it was £40,000, as it had been mooted that it should be purchased by the nation. The matter was investigated by art critics and connoisseurs of old masters, and at length they came to the conclusion that it was a replica. It is now thought that the portrait of Daniel was painted by Rubens, and the lions were copied by his assistants. A new peal of bells were put into the tower a few years ago.

The Wesleyans have a place of worship at Godshill.

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We will now return a short distance, and take the road to the north and to ...... " {Kingston}

The Minerva Isle of Wight Pictorial and Guide - circa 1900