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SunaX front view

A cargo/passenger version of the BHT130 was built by Kvichak Marine Industries in Seattle USA and launched in 2006. It is "one bay" longer that the BHT130 described above at 30.7m. Designated 'Suna-X', it is designed as a high speed ferry for up to 47 passengers and 47,500 pounds of freight to serve the remote Alaskan villages of King Cove and Cold Bay.

All pictures courtesy of NW Tech Service, Alaska

(Click on an image to get a larger version)

SunaX SunaX hovercraft
SunaX Cockpit SunaX - cockpit
SunaX Rear Cabin SunaX Main Cabin
SunaX outside SunaX Ramp
SunaX in the water SunaX in the water
SunaX - beached 

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