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SRN4 Hovercraft under construction

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other pictures of the SRN4 Hovercraft other pictures of the SRN4 hovercraft

In April 1967, the magazine Hovercraft World had access to the Cowes factory of BHC where the first two SRN4's were under construction, on this page we show the published black and white pictures of the craft under construction.

(Click on an image to get a larger version)

post side of SR-N4 hovercraft under construction The port side of the second SRN4 showing the rear engine bay, air ducts and port passenger compartment.
rear port engine compartment of SR-N4 under construction The rear port side engine compartment showing the two Bristol Siddeley Marine Proteus turbines of 3400 shp each.
bow ducting of SRN4 hovercraft on the day of the roll out Ducting at the bow
Port side of SRN4 hovercraft under construction Looking along the port side from the bow, the men are standing is part of the passenger compartment, the bulkhead next to them separates the passenger compartment from the vehicle deck.
Stern door of SRN4 hovercraft under construction The working on the stern door aperture of the first craft, note the stern of the second SRN4 in the background.
Bow section of SRN4 hovercraft under construction The bow section of the second craft showing the deck/buoyancy tank structure and bulkheads.
SRN4 hovercraft under construction Overhead view - source not identified

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