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SRN2 Hovercraft

In the Summer of 1962, Hovertransport (a joint Westland/Southdown Motor Services venture) used a Westland's SRN2 to run a passenger carrying service across the Solent between Eastney and Ryde coming in onto Appley Beach.

  • 65 ft long
  • 30 ft beam
  • 38 or 53 passengers as fitted at different times
    (it was designed to take 70 passengers)
  • 73 kts
  • 4 x 815 shp Bristol Siddeley Nimbus engines
    - 2 for lift, 2 for propulsion
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(Click on an image to get a larger version)

SRN2 hovercraft at speed SRN2 Hovercraft travelling at speed (Postcard)
SRN2 Hovercraft SRN2 Hovercraft in operation by Southdown Coaches (Postcard)
SRN2 hovercraft SRN2 on the beach at Pemarth during the cross Bristol Channel Service 1963
SR-N2 hovercraft

Shown here on the Weston-super-Mare beach with a shorter skirt than fitted later (below).

SRN2 at Weston-super-Mare Another pic of the SRN2 at Weston-super-Mare - contributed by John Bennett
Trials at Dartmouth SR-N2 on sea trials at Dartmouth - Westland's picture contributed by Nick Messinger
SRN2 hovercraft service, 1963 SRN2 hovercraft service, 1963
SR-N2 hovercraft service, 1963


The SR-N2 shown here (above and left) offering a cross Solent ferry service in 1964 operated by Hovertransport.

srn2 hovercraft SRN2 coming ashore, 1964 (postcard)
SRN2 hovercraft at Calshot SRN2 at Calshot beach (a postcard from a picture by Derek Wilson)

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