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Cushioncraft CC2

Originally build with a peripheral air curtain without a shirt to give a daylight clearance of some 11 inches and forward propulsion was provided by defector vanes in two longitudinal rows under the craft. Subsequently a skirt was added and two external propulsion engines. These 1963 Pathe video clip ofl CC2-002 + a longer video clip of out-takes show the CC2 in original configuration being put through it's paces. .

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CC2 and builders CC2 and builders

CC2 cushioncraft at Bembridge Airport

First flight of CC2-001 at Bembridge Airport in front of hanger - picture contributed by Rodney Harnett

CC2 cushion craft at Bembridge Airport
Another first flight of CC2-001 picture contributed by Rodney Harnett
Advert for CC2 cushioncraft

Advert for CC2 cushioncraft March 1962 (£25,000 !!)

CC2-001 and 002 were sold to the Ministry of Technology and were based at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Bedford.

CC2 hovercraft cutaway CC2 cutaway
CC2 cushioncraftCC2 -003 at St Helens 1967 with sides sections removed - waiting shipment to Libya for 'sand filter tests'. The tests were carried out by Bristol Siddeley on a contract from the UK's Ministry of Technology - a SRN5 was also involved with these tests.
CC2 Cushioncraft Hovercraft
CC2 cushioncraftFebruary 1970
CC2 - 001 heavily modified - the original CC2 had solid skin along the sides .
CC2 cushioncraftThis modified CC2 (shown here at the Duver Works, St Helens), shows non-solid sides (presumably to save weight), a skirt and two externally mounted propulsion engines/props (shown below).
CC2 cushioncraftCushioncraft CC2 hovercraft

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