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Seaview old picture postcards -
the Salterns and westward

Pictures - Seaview - the pier & bays - Seaview - the village

Guide - circa 1900

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dates, where given, usually refer to the date on the postmark

Seaview Duver
Seaview Duver
looking towards Ryde
The Duver
The Duver, Seaview - 1908
Seaview - Duver looking towards the village
The Duver looking east, with the holiday chalets on the right and anti-submarine pilings in the sea - Post WW2
Seaview - Duver looking west
The Duver looking west
Spring Vale
Spring Vale - 1911
The Duver, Seaview - post WW2
The Duver, Seaview - post WW2
Salterns circa 1960
Salterns Gate - circa 1960
Salterns Village
The old Village of Salterns
Seaview Salterns Cottages
Seaview Salterns Cottages from the opposite direction
Salterns cottages
Seaview Salterns Cottages
Seaview sea wall
Sea wall from the Salterns
(circa 1960)
Puckpool beach (1947)
Puckpool beach (1947)