Entries from Kelly 1898 directory for '' both Commercial and Private entries, from St Helens


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Entry Town category
Dodsworth Henry Thos., Princes mead Nettlestone Private
Edmunds James, Warbleton villa Nettlestone Private
Grose-Smith Henley J.P. The Priory Nettlestone Private
Lawson The Misses, Fairy hill Nettlestone Private
Mazey William, Anguston villa Nettlestone Private
O'Hagan Thos. C.E., Nettlestone house Nettlestone Private
Richards Rev. William Henry M.A. (vicar), Westridge house Nettlestone Private
Robinson Frederick Jn., Solent view Nettlestone Private
Wayet Rev. Sidney William, Laneside Nettlestone Private
Attrill Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress Nettlestone Commercial
Bartlett John, jun., coach builder Nettlestone Commercial
Bartlett John, sen., wheelwright Nettlestone Commercial
Caws Melinda (Miss), dress maker Nettlestone Commercial
Cooper Wm., farmer, Holgate farm Nettlestone Commercial
Creeth Arthur Herbt., smith & ironmonger Nettlestone Commercial
Lacey James Henry, Roadside inn Nettlestone Commercial
Nash Charles. apartments, South view Nettlestone Commercial
Nash John, dairyman, Nettlestone farm Nettlestone Commercial
Nash Walt. apartments, 1 Marlborough cottages Nettlestone Commercial
Nash William, farmer, The Priory farm Nettlestone Commercial
Stephens Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper Nettlestone Commercial
Taylor Edmund, apartments Nettlestone Commercial
Vinter Edward John, sanitary inspector to the St. Helen's urban district council, 1 Winchester cottages Nettlestone Commercial
Walker Daniel (Mrs.), apartments Nettlestone Commercial
Warder John Howard, baker. & post office Nettlestone Commercial
Warder Mrs. Susannah, dairy Nettlestone Commercial
Williams William, jobbing gardener Nettlestone Commercial
Barclay Hugh, Sea View house Seaview Private
Bathurst Lady Evelyn, St. Hilda Seaview Private
Brooks Edwin, Lynwood Seaview Private
Brooks Miss, Maycroft Seaview Private
Bull Edmund, Westbourne Seaview Private
Butler Rev. Pearce, The Shute Seaview Private
Condor Mrs., Seafield Seaview Private
Daish Miss Elizabeth, Bedford house, Madeira road Seaview Private
Davis Gurney, Hill grove Seaview Private
Davis Henry, The Villa Seaview Private
Glazebrook Mrs., Montrose Seaview Private
Glynn William Anthony D.L., J.P., Sea grove Seaview Private
Greenhan Mrs., Clements cottage Seaview Private
Hanchet Josiah, The Glen Seaview Private
Hunt-Grubbe Admiral Sir Walter R.N. K.C.B. J.P., Sandlands Seaview Private
Hunter Wm. Slingsby, North bank Seaview Private
Matthews Herbt. Ambrose, Fuschia cottage Seaview Private
Maudslay Herbert Chas., Worcester lodge Seaview Private
Montgomery Mrs., The Whim Seaview Private
Read, Summerhalme Seaview Private
Ring Augustus, Pandora lodge Seaview Private
Robinson Norman Battye L.R.C.P. Lond., The Bungalow Seaview Private
Searle Walter Concert, Coniston Seaview Private
251 Results

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