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Whitwell - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

30 Results

Whitwell, Commercial
Attrill Daniel, Jun., Peddar's - Farmer
Attrill Daniel; h Godshill - Farmer
Attrill Mark, Ash farm - Farmer
Barnes Richard & Mrs., school
Buckell Francis, Ford farm, & miller, South Ford Mill - Farmer
Cheape Major-Gen. Sir John, K.C.B., Old Park
Coape James, Esq., Mirables
Cottrell Miss Harriet, Kemminq Cottage
Daws William Henry, Esq., Wydcombe Manor House
Harvey Francis, grocer
Harvey Mary, Jolliffe's farm - Farmer
Hawkins Thomas, Esq., The Hermitage
Jolliffe Hanh., schoolmistress
Jolliffe John, Dean farm - Farmer
Loe James, blacksmith
Morris Charles, Downcourt - Farmer
Morris Charles, victualler, White Horse Inn - Hotel, Inn or Tav.
Morris Isaac, Whitwell farm - Farmer
Moses Robert, relieving officer
Norris James, wheelwright
Pain Charles, blacksmith
Reynolds George, shopkeeper
Reynolds William, Old park - Farmer
Russell Eli, Woolverton (and Niton) - Farmer
Russell Jacob, shopkeeper
Silsbury David, shoemaker
Stone William - Farmer
White James, blacksmith
Winter David, church clerk
Woodford James, beerhouse
30 Results

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