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Ventnor - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

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Ventnor, Private
Bull Mr Brnbs., Goldwell House
Bushell Lieut. John Morris, R.N., Coast guard station
Butler William, at Gas Works
Campbell Samuel police sergt., Long down
Cannon Mr Henry John, West End Cottage
Carus-Wilson Rev William, Eglinton House
Culmer Mr Henry, Serene View
Doherty Rev James (Wes.) Albert street.
Giles Edw. bank mngr. High street.
Gough Mr. George, Henry, Spring hill
Guyon Lieut. John, R.N., Southcliff Cottage
Hadfield Mrs. Amelia Caroline, Ventnor Cottage
Hambrough Albert John, Esq., Steephill Castle
Haskins John, Esq., Elm Grove
Jarvis Sir Samuel Raymond, Kt., Cove Cottage
Jewel Mr. George and Mr. Joseph, Seaview Cottage, Spring hill
Judd William Mew, clerk, Belgrave road
King David, sexton
Leeson Henry B., Esq., M.D., F.R.S., The Maples
Levingston Rev Charles, M.A., rector of St. Lawrence, Alpha House
Marland Rev John, B.A. incbt.
Martin George Anne, M.D., Belgrave House
Moore Robert Esq., 3 Devonshire terrace
Muggridge Arthur, regr. High street
Newall Capt. David, Spring hill
Payne Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Catherine's House
Peel Mrs. R., Madeira Lodge
Pelham Hon. Mrs. Dudley, St. Lawrence Cottage
Player Mrs. E., Undercliff
Roper John Riddall, Esq., St Boniface Villa
Scott Mr. William George, Madeira Villa
Sharp Rev William, B.A. Albion Grove
Sloggett Mrs. H., Flora Villa
Wallace Mr. Robert, Primrose Bank
Warden Rev William, M.A. (Indpt.), Bellevue Cottage, Spring hill
Weston George, Esq., Grove Mt.
Ventnor, Commercial
Age Life, I. Blake, High street - Fire & Life Office
Alford John, St.Boniface terrace - Lodging house
Allen Maria, Grove road - Lodging house
Allen Thomas, High street - Tailor
Bailey James, Marine parade - Lodging house
Barton Jacob, Albert street - Bath & Bathing Machine Prop
Barton John, Spring hill - Livery stables
Beattie Miss Elizabeth, Geneva House - Lodging house
Beavis John, High street - Lodging house
Bell Edw., High street - Linen draper
Bell Edward, High street - Tailor
Billings James, High street - Lapidaries
Bishop Mrs., Louisa - Lodging house
Blackford Ts., Ingram - Lodging house
350 Results

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