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Shorwell - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

32 Results

Shorwell, Commercial
Brading Robert, and maltster, - Farmer
Combes Frances Mary, victualler, Five Bells
Creeth James, - Blacksmith
Duke John & Son, corn millers, Yafford, and Newport
Gillingham William, shoemaker
Gordon Sir Henry Percy, Bart., Northcourt House
Gould John, Billingham, - Farmer
Heal James, Little Atherfield, Farmer
Hookey W., - Blacksmith
Horlock Robert, surgeon
Horlock William, Dungewood, - Farmer
Hosford Isaac, Small Moor, - Farmer
Jolliffe James, Yafford House, - Farmer
Morgan John, Atherfield, - Farmer
Morris Mark, Haslett farm, - Farmer
Newnham Jeremiah, wheelwright, &c.
Newnham John, tailor
Payne William, shopkeeper
Renwick Rev Thomas, B.A., vicar, Vicarage
Scott Walter, schoolmaster
Scovell Barnabas, Yafford, - Baker
Thompson Mary, schoohmrs
Warne Btfd., - Baker
Way Henry, Atherfield, - Farmer
Way Henry, Westcourt, - Farmer
Way John, Woolverton, - Farmer
Wheeler Mr. James
White Isaac, shopkeeper and victualler Crown
White William, Atherfield, - Farmer
Wigmore William, Rowborough, - Farmer
Willsteed Jacob, parish clerk
Worsley Misses
32 Results

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