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Shanklin - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

82 Results


Shanklin, Private
Cameron Mrs. Jane, Tower Cottage
Carlton Francis, Esq., Chine House
Harlock James, manor steward
Hole Rev Charles, curate
Napier Major-Genl. Edward, Elers, West Hill
Parr Miss Har., Fern hill
Phillips William, Esq., Vernon Cottage
Popham Francis White, Esq., East cliff (and Wootton)
Robinson Thomas, Esq., Claremont
Selway Rev Thomas, Gatten House, Lower Shanklin
Smyth Col. Edward, Marine Villa
Southouse Rev George Wrenford, M.A. incumbent
Warren Rev Edw. (Indpt.)
Webb Mrs. Ann, Madeira cottage
Shanklin, Commercial
Blow Charles - Lodging house
Blow Robert Thomas - Lodging house
Buckell J. jun. - Baker
Buckell J. jun., & house agentt - Grocer
Buckell John - Lodging house
Chine Inn, William Prouten - Inn or Tavern
Clayton William - Fancy Repository
Colenutt Ann - Lodging house
Colenutt Charles - Lodging house
Colenutt John - Lodging house
Colenutt John jun. - Lodging house
Colenutt Richard - Lodging house
Colenutt Robert - Lodging house
Colenutt William - Lodging house
Cooper Barnabas - Carpenter
Crab Inn, Edw. Downer - Inn or Tavern
Daish John - Lodging house
Daish's Hotel, John Daish - Inn or Tavern
Galpine Misses, milliners
Harris George & parish clerk, Blacksmith
Hayden James - Baker
Hollis William - Butcher
Hollis William - Lodging house
James Daniel - Lodging house
Johnson Miss, music profsr
Johnson Thomas - Fancy Repository
Johnson Thomas, bookseller, librarian, house agt., agt. to Anchor Life Office, &c.
King Edward - Blacksmith
Lale Edward - Carpenter
Lale Edward - Lodging house
Lawson George - Boot & Shoe maker
Loe George, Manor farm
Love Alex. - Butcher
Lush William, tailor
Mathews M. - Baths
Mathews M. - Lodging house
82 Results


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