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Sandown - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

94 Results


Sandown, Private
Agassiz Mrs. Mary Ann G., Guadalupe
Brown Mrs. Mary
Farnell Henry, gentleman
Frost Rev W., Mumford, B.A.
Garrard Mrs. Maria
Harris Miss Lucy
Martin Mrs.
Smith Major Henry, Heath Villa
Staple Thomas, gentleman Lake Villa
Webster Ts., Esq. Cliff House
Sandown, Commercial
Attrill William - Builder
Blew Robert - Lodging house
Boyce James - Carpenter
Boyce James - Lodging house
Boyce James, bath proprietor, and house agent
Brook Henry, plumber, &c
Burcher William - Baker
Burt Henry - Lodging house
Bury Rev Charles Alfred, B.A., boarding school
Carruthers H. - Lodging house
Cecil George - Farmer
Cecil George - Lodging house
Chessel Jane, Lake - Baker
Colenutt Frederick. - Lodging house
Colenutt James, druggist, bookseller, &c
Comden William, coal dealer
Commercial Inn, William Williams Jolliffe - Inn or Tavern
Cooper Charles - Builder
Cooper John - Farmer
Cornish Thomas - Lodging house
Cousens George - Lodging house
Cousens George, brickmaker
Damp James, Lake - Blacksmith
Dennant John, druggist, &c
Dennet Charles, bricklayer
Dennett James - Builder
Fountain, William Hunt, and watchmaker - Inn or Tavern
Gaunt Jane - Lodging house
Godden Lieut. Joseph S., R.N., coast guard
Goodfellow G. - Draper
Grant Leonard Lake, china, &c. dealer, cabinet maker, plumber, painter, &c
Hall Thomas Burton, brewer
Harvey Frank & ironmngr - Shopkeeper
Havill Charles, schoolmaster
Hayden David - Farmer
Herbert John - Boot & Shoe maker
Herbert William, Lake - Farmer
Herlock William - Butcher
Higgs William - Baker
Hooper George, fishmonger, poulterer, and game dealer
94 Results


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