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Ryde - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

984 Results

Ryde, Private
Abrams Mrs, Brookfield Cottage
Adderley Miss, Melville street
Adderley Mr Edmund James, George street
Adderley Vice-Admiral Arden, 7 Strand
Anderson Warren Hastings, Esq, Beldornie Tower
Andrew Mrs., Appley
Andrews Mrs. My., West street
Arrill Mr James, 22 Belvedere street
Ashford Natl., market keeper
Atfield Miss, Belvedere street
Atkey Mrs. Eliza, John street
Atkins Misses, 28 George street
Austin William steam packet, railway, and telegraph agt. 63 Union street
Bagge Rev Henry Theodore James, B.A., 13 John street
Baines Mrs Martha, Bellevue road
Baker Miss Mary Ann, Dover street
Baker Robert gentleman, Buckingham road
Balguy Mrs E., Monckton street
Barrow Rev John S., M.A. curate of Trinity, 16 Melville street
Barry Rev Charles Upham, M.A. 5 Barfield
Bass Mr E. G., Pelham field
Battell Mrs, 26 George street
Bearblock Misses, Monkton street
Beazley Francis, bird, &c, preserver, High street
Beazley George, captain of steamboat, Strand
Becker Miss, Stratton Lodge
Beckford Mrs., Buckingham Villa
Bicknell William, gentleman, West street
Biggs Samuel, head porter at pier, Nelson place
Bloxam Robert, Esq., St Thomas
Breedon Capt. Thomas Henry, West street
Breedon Mrs. Henry, West street
Brenton Sir Lancelot Charles Lee, Bart., Dover street
Brenton Vice-Admiral John, 4 Wood street
Brigstocke Capt. Thomas Robert, R.N., Stone Pits
Broderick Fredck. Nutt, engraver, St Thomas' square
Brooks Mrs., 1 Spencer road
Broughton Mrs. Eliza, 1 St James' terrace
Brown Mrs., 3 Barfield
Bruce Lady, St Thomas' street
Burghley Lord, M.P., Brookfield Cottage
Burgoyne Lady, Spencer road
Bushnell Mrs. Sar., John street
Bussell Misses, Barfield
Butt Mrs. Caroline, 14 John street
Caldwell General Sir James Lillyman, G.C.B., Beechlands
Callandar Miss, 7 Vernon square
Carter Misses, 41 Melville street
Challen Miss, George street
Champain Lieut.-Colonel, Spencer road
984 Results

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