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Niton - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

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Niton, Commercial
Attrill Jacob, lodgings, Well House
Attrill Thomas, Eade's farm - Farmer
Attrill William, Jobson's farm - Farmer
Blyth Henry, postmaster, carpenter, & lodgings, Southcliff House
Buddle Inn, My., Ann Bright - Hotel, Inn or Tav.
Colenutt Abm., carpenter
Colenutt Isaac, painter, &c
Cummings Richard, Lighthouse
Dear Maurice, grocer, draper, baker, and ironmonger
Gordon Dowager Lady, Orchard
Griffin John, schoolmaster
Hayton Rev George, M.A. rector, Rectory
Holman Charles Henry, surgeon, Clevedon Cottage
Jolliffe Mary Ann, schoolmistress
Kerr Beauchamp, Esq., Westcliff
Kingswell Ann, schoolmistress
Kingswell Edwin, tailor
Kingswell William, blacksmith
Kirkpatrick George, Esq., Windcliff House
Palmer Daniel, blacksmith
Reed William and George, Lacey's - Farmer
Royal Sandrock Hotel, George Bush - Hotel, Inn or Tav.
Russell Richard, butcher
Saunders Stephen, butcher
Shippen Peter Samuel, Esq., St. Catherine's Hall
Smith John, Niton farm - Farmer
Star Inn, James Hillier - Hotel, Inn or Tav.
Stone William, Kingate's farm - Farmer
Toomer Mrs. Harriet, St. Catherine's terrace
Tucker Major-General Henry Tod, C.B. PuckAlbert streeter House
Tuttiett Henry B. surgeon; h Ventnor
Tyler James, assistant at the Lighthouse
Ward Rev Charles Cottrell, BA. curate of Whitwell
Westlake Alfred, grocer and draper
Westmore James, sexton
White Lion, Charles Bright, and pariah clerk - Hotel, Inn or Tav.
Willis Alfred, schoolmaster
Willis Harriet, shopkeeper
Willis Mr. Jeremiah
Wilson Mrs. Ida, Ida Cottage
40 Results

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