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Newport - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

1048 Results

Newport, Private
Andrews John Linney Browning, gentleman, New village
Atkinson Mrs., St John's road
Atweil Henry M., 173 High street
Barnes Mrs. A., St John's road
Bathews Miss, St John's road
Beckingsale Mrs., New village
Boulcott Capt. John A., New village
Boyd Lieut-Col. Edward, Carisbrooke
Bridger William, Esq., Shide House
Brooks Mrs. Grace, Carisbrooke
Browning Benjamin, Esq., M.D., RN., Clatterford
Buckell Mrs., Westmill House
Bull George Henry, gentleman, Carisbrooke
Butler Mrs. Sar., Coppin's bridge
Caplen Mrs., St John's terrace
Castle Mrs. C., Deadman's lane
Chalk Mr. Charles, Quay street
Cheverton Mrs. My., Clatterford
Chrisp Mrs. Ann, St John terrace
Clarke Mrs. J., St Paul's terrace
Cole Mrs. Ann, Carisbrooke
Cole Mrs. M., St John's terrace
Cooke Mr W. J., Carisbrooke
Cooke Thomas, Esq., 8 High street
Coomb Rev John Orchard, (Bible Christian), New village
Cooper Mr. James, St John's road
Cooper Mrs., New village
Cripps Mrs. Rebca., Chapel street
Dawson Mrs., Carisbrooke
Dodd Miss Hanh., The Mall
Durham Mrs. Ann, Orchard street
Eaton Mrs., 164 High street
Estcourt Mr. A.H., High street
Faulkner Thomas, Esq., F.S.A., Shide Hill House
Feneran Capt. Francis, Node hill
Foster Mrs. Elizabeth, Castlehold
Gabb Mrs. Mary, St John's road
Galpine Mrs., Castlehold
Garston Capt. Chpls., Mall
Gibbs Misses, Bowcombe Cottage
Gibbs Mrs. My. A., Node hill
Gill Mrs., Carisbrooke
Gnnter Misses, Carisbrooke
Gould Mr. John, Node hill
Gray Mrs. Emma, Broadlands
Gubbins William, gent, Millbrooke place
Gulliver Thomas, Parkhurst forest
Hamilton Mrs. B., Staplers
Hamilton Mrs. Mary, Westminster
Hardley Mr. John, Shide
1048 Results

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