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Chale - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

41 Results

Chale, Private
Campbell John T., Esq., Rockside
Hicks Miss Jane
Johnson Sir Henry Allen, Bart., Southlands (and Wales)
Letts Thomas, Esq., Sea View (and Sydenham)
Pinnock Robert, Esq., Sealand Cottage (and Newport)
Rose Mrs. Jane, Spring Cottage
Chale, Commercial
Baker Abm., schoolmaster and parish clerk
Barton William Henry, Abbey farm., - Farmer
Bertram Henry, Cove farm, - Farmer
Brown Frank, lodgings. Cliff terrace
Brown Henry and John, - Carpenter
Brown John, Stroud green, - Farmer
Brown Martha, schoolmistress
Brown Morris, - Blacksmith
Cheverton David., - Farmer
Dabell Alex., house agent, stationer, &c. Bazaar
Gother Rev. Andrew William M.A., rector, Rectory
Jacobs Charles, stonemason and shopkeeper
Jones George, - Farmer
Jones George, victualler, Blackgang Chine Hotel, (posting)
Linington Benjamin and John, - Blacksmith
Lowe George, - Shoemaker
Lowe Jeremiah, stonemason
Meakin George, Gotton, - Farmer
Merritt William, Gladhouse, - Farmer
Moorman William, lodgings. Cliff terrace
Morris George, Northgrounds, - Farmer
Morris Moses Cornls., Hall, - Carpenter
Nixon Rev. Joseph Mayer, B.A., curate, St Catherine's Lodge
Phillips Thomas, - Shoemaker
Ralph Henry, - Farmer
Ralph Henry, victualler, New Inn
Roach Henry, Westside, - Farmer
Russell Rbn., - Farmer
Russell Reuben, jun., - Farmer
Spanner Charles, - Blacksmith
Spanner John Braniston, - Farmer
Sprake Robert, brewer & beerhouse
Stallard Levi, (& shopkeeper), - Carpenter
Wallis Joseph, master, R.N., Coastguard Station
41 Results

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