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Brighstone - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

37 Results

Brighstone, Private
Hills Mr. James
Pittis Mrs. E.
Wilson Miss Jane
Young Miss Mary Ann
Brighstone, Commercial
Arnold Winifred, Waytes Court, - Farmer
Brook John, Grange, - Farmer
Chambers Isrl., - Blacksmith
Chipp Isaac (and maltster,) Berry barn, - Farmer
Chipp James, Shute, - Farmer
Chipp William, Coombe, - Farmer
Creecth William, - Blacksmith
Creetch Daniel, - Blacksmith
Creetch George, - Shopkeeper
Dore David, Hunnyhill, - Farmer
Downer Frances, schoolmistress
Downer James, victualler New Inn
Gillingham W., - Shoemaker
Jackman Andrew, Charles, Henry, & William, stonemasons
Jacobs Jesley, - Carrier to Newport
Jouiffe William, - Farmer
Long Henry, - Wheelwright & Carpenter
Maynard William James, schoolmaster
McAll Rev Edward, M.A., rector & rural dean, Rectory
Mowbray Edwin, Thorn cross, - Farmer
Redstone Benjamin, - Shoemaker
Reynolds C., - Shopkeeper
Reynolds Ed., - Wheelwright & Carpenter
Reynolds Edward, victualler, Five Bells
Rogers Theopls., Atherfield, - Farmer
Russell William, parish clerk
Shotter Arthur (& baker), - Shopkeeper
Shotter Arthur, - Carrier to Newport
Trickett James, Gagger hill, - Farmer
Trickett William, - Wheelwright & Carpenter
Way Thomas, Lymerston, - Farmer
Woodford John L., corn miller, Brixton Mill
Woodford John Lord, - Farmer
37 Results

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