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Bonchurch - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

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Bonchurch, Private
Birkinshaw Charles John Cass, Esq., St. Boniface House
Blackmore Martin, Esq., Rosenhine
Blyth James, Esq., Westfield House and Woolhampton
Carr Rev Edmund, M.A., rector, Rectory
Dick Mrs., Upper Mount
Feilden Miss Mary Ann, The Lilies
Feilden Rev Randle H., M.A., Thorn cliff
Frere Edw. M., Esq., Rose cliff
Leeson Henry Beaumont, Esq., M.A., M.D., and F.R.S., The Maples
Peel Rt. Hon. Sir Laurence, Kt., and Edmund, Esq., Underrock
Pringle Sir John, Bart., and Lady Elizabeth, Undermount
Sewell Misses, Seaview House
Swinburne Admiral Charles Henry and Lady Jane Henrietta, East Dene
White Rev James, M.A., Woodlynch
Willey Rev. Joeclyn, M.A., The Cottage
Bonchurch, Commercial
Cornell Henry, lodgings, Sunnyside
Cowan Annie Eliza, school
Day Daniel, builder
Edwards George & Fs., grocers, livery stable keepers, &c.
Farr Adelaide, schoolmistress
Hunt James, lodgings
Jenkins William John, grocer, &c.
Joblin George, blacksmith
Jolliffe Annie, lodgings, Hill Cottage
Jolliffe James, lodgings, Seaside Cottage
Jolliffe Jonth. builder, agent to London & L'pool Insce. Co., to Lloyds', and. To Shipwrecked Mariners' Society, Rock Cottage
Ribbands Henry, victualler, Bonchurch Hotel
Smith James, coal merchant
Venables Rev Edmund, M.A., boarding school, Hawthorn Dene
Way Arthur, farmer, Luccombe farm
30 Results

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