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Binstead - 1859 directory both Commercial and Private entries

(Some road names have changed over the years, see Wightpedia for some further info.)

29 Results

Binstead, Private
Cochrane Admiral Sir Thomas John, K.C.B., Quarr Abbey House
Downes Genl. Lord, K.C.B., Binstead House
Gregory Mr. George
Hill Colonel John, R.A.
McLachlan Donald, Esq., Hazlemount
Tattnall Major Archibald, Wellwood
Binstead, Commercial
Brading Stephen, Fishbourne - Builder
Cole William Hearn, land bailiff
Cooper William, Fishbourne - Builder
Ford Barnabas, Post Office
Harwood William, gardener
Hewett Rev Philip, rector, Rectory
Hill Gad, victualler, Fleming Arms - Hotel, Inn or Tav.
Horsman John O. and Mrs., Lady Downes' school - Academy/School
Hutchings James, & brick and lime burner - Builder
Jenkins Thomas, coast guard, Fishbourne
Legg Thomas, gardener
Mew James, - Farmer
Saunders Hanh., - Blacksmith
Saunders Stphn., Fishbourne - Farmer
Sellars Eliza, National School - Academy/School
Smith Edmund, - Brick & Tile manufacturer
Taylor Edward, - Farmer
Taylor Mary Ann, Ninham - Farmer
White Hon. Mrs. Juliana, Pitt's Cottage
Woodmore Sarah, baker and - Baker
Wright John, - Farmer
Young Daniel. & Samuel, Fishbourne - Shopkeeper
Young George, Farmer
29 Results

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