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Ventnor - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Ventnor, Private
Alloway Rev. John Arthur (chaplain of the Royal National Hospital for Consumption), Filston, Park avenue
Ambrose Richard, 6 Cyprus villas, Newport road
Armstrong Miss, Hygeia & Castle view, Belle Vue road
Ashdown Miss, Collingtree, Belle Vue road
Attrill James, Periville, Newport road
Austen Ernest Alfred, Somerset cottage, Grove road
Bacon Hackley B., Worsley, Belgrave road
Baillon Mddle. Lucie, 10 Trinity terrace, Trinity road
Baker Charles Edward, 2 St. Boniface terrace, St. Beniface road
Baker Frederick, 4 Belle Vue villas, Belle Vue road
Ballard Rev. Douglas (curate of St. Catherine's), Hormead, Belle Vue road
Ballion Andrew E., Falklands, St. Boniface road
Banister Mrs., Oldfield, St. Boniface road
Barclay Mrs., Glencoe, Park avenue
Bassano Harold F., M.A., M.B., B.C.Cantab., Grove house, Alpine road
Beach William Frederick, 1 South Grove terrace, South Grove road
Beck Mrs., 3 Gilmarton, Madeira road
Behr Miss, 2 Claremont, Belgrave road
Bell Mrs., Madeira hall, Trinity road
Biggs Mrs., High port, Medeira road
Bird Singleton, Casa Nostra, St. Alban's road
Blackmore Misses, 1 St. Boniface gardens, St. Boniface road
Blake Mrs., Rosina villa, Tulse hill
Booth Miss, 1 Victoria mount, Victoria street
Booty Miles, Oshawa, Alpine road
Bound Mrs., 1 St. Boniface flats, Newport road
Bousfield Mrs., Clovelly, St. Boniface road
Brading Thomas, Broadhurst, Grove road
Brent Mrs., Rock cottage, Belgrave road
Brett Misses, Warborough mount, Belle Vue road
Buck Miss, Hawthorne villa, St. Boniface road
Buckle Mrs., Basildon, Alpine road
Bull George, Bentincj villa, Tulse hill
Bungey Mrs., 2 Buona Vista villas, Cliff road
Burrell Miss, Bramcote, Castle road
Burt George, 1 Unique view, Leeson road
Canton Arthur, Woodlands, Castle road
Cate John Newton, 5 Altofts gardens, Newport road
Charter John, Cove cottage, Steephill cove
Clayton Rev. Arthur Prestwood M.A. (vicar of Holy Trinity), Kilnhirst, St. Boniface road
Codd John, 2 Altofts gardens, Newport road
Cole Mrs., Lucknow, Zigzag road
Cole-Norman Mrs., Melrose, Madeira road
Colenutt Fabian, 13 High street
Collins Miss, Teneriffe, Madeira
Colquhoun Rev. Robert Woods M.A. (vicar of St. Catherine's), Vicarage, Esplanade
Cooper Henry John, Glaslyn, Madeira road
Cowley Frederick, South-ridge, Alpine road
Cox John S., Fairholme, Park avenue
Creagh Mrs., Poplar cottage, Tulse hill
808 Results

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