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Totland - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Totland, Private
Aitkin Charles, Inglefield
Andrews Miss, Abingdon
Bailey Rev. Francis (Catholic), St. Edmund's lodge
Baker George, Penshurst, The Avenue
Best Mrs., Uplands cottage
Biggar Charles, West Heath
Bowen Hon. & Rev. William Edward M.A., Glen Heason
Brewer Alex., Hampton, Home Rest
Buisseret Arthur Joseph., St. Joseph's
Burnett Mrs., Hurst view
Burnside Major Eustace Augustus R.A.M.C., Heatherland
Campbell Sir Francis Alexander K.C.M.G., C.B., Rosemead
Carson Henry Richard, Westways
Cleveland-Swayne William C., Highlands
Collingwood James, The Red house
Cooper Capt. Alfred J., Glendovere
Cooper Herbert, Landholm
Cooper Miss, The Hut [Colwell road - later Ampfield]
De Butts Miss, Warden cottage, The Avenue
de-Cetto Mrs., Hengistbury
Dover John Aston house
Duff E. Alexander, Chine cliff
Fairbrother William Henry, Trusley cottage
Gore Sir Francis Charles K.C.B., The Briary, Middleton
Grant Thomas William, The Peak
Hall Rev. John William M.A. (vicar), Parsonage house
Hammersley Hugh, Eden
Hands Charles Hubert M.B., B.Ch.Oxon., M.R.C.S.Eng., Glendalough
Harington William Bentinck, The Hoo [Colwell road]
Hill Mrs., Highfield
Howel-Jones Major Walter R.G.A., Bourne house
Hume Edward, The Mount
Infield Miss, Wimlington
Kelleway Charles, Firsleigh, The Avenue
Kidd Walter Aubrey M.D., Heather-down, Alum Bay
Madge Rev. Philip W. (United Methodist), Sunnyside
Mansfield Mrs., Albion cottage
Nairne Rev. Spenser S., Latton
Nugent Christopher Robert, Bracklyn
Oldershaw Miss, Woodlands
Oswald Mrs., The Old Golf cottage
Packenham Major Charles, Headon hall
Parsons Mrs., Oaklands, The Avenue
Paul William Henry, Kendal mount, The Broadway
Pim Mrs., Ivyhurst
Plumbley Mrs. C. W., Elmbank, Middleton
Poole Mrs., York road
Redman Herbert J., Seven gables
Ring Charles Gordon, The Hermitage
Robbins Oswald L., Heathside
183 Results

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