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Thorley - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Thorley, Private
Fiander Miss E.A., Thorley lodge
Marshall Rev. Edmund M.A. (vicar), Vicarage
Thorley, Commercial
Baker William, estate carpenter
Barrington William James, farmer, Thorley farm
Greenen William, carpenter
Long Mrs., dairy, Goldings
Long William, farmer, Tapnell farm
Maund E.M. (Miss), mistress Elementary school (mixed), with residence for mistress; built 1866, enlarged 1894 for 67 children; average attendance 50.
Nicholls Sidney E. R., assistant overseer
Snelling Bernard Alfred, dairyman, Barnsfield
Stark Frederick George & Henry John, farmers, Newclose farm
Stone Hugh, blacksmith & overseer
12 Results

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