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St Lawrence - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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St Lawrence, Private
Apperly William John, Steephill court
Beckingsale Miss, Carfax
Cayzer Sir Charles William bart., St. Lawrence hall
Coverdale Rev. Thomas Elvin M.A. (rector), Rectory
Davies Miss (matron), Royal National hospital
de Vine J. M., F.C.I.S., F.S.S. (general supt.), Royal National hospital
Gibson Miss (dispenser), Royal National hospital
Gilchrist James Charles M.D.Edin, Royal National hospital
Hue Misses, The Cottage
Nicholson Daniel, Rocklands
Rand Mrs., St. Lawrence dene
Robertson James S., Royal National hospital
Taunton Edgar M.B., Royal National hospital
Walsingham Lady, Belvedere
Williams Rev. Thomas C., Pelham lodge
Woods George Calder, Rockmount
Yockney Algernon R.N., Woodcliffe
St Lawrence, Commercial
Gell John Thomas, farmer, Home farm
Jackson Alfred, gardenrt to Daniel Nicholson esq., Rocklands
Norton Bedford, gardener to Hon. Mrs. Pelham
Paul Frank, St. Lawrence inn, Undercliff
Plowman William, sexton
Royal National Hospital for Consumption (James C. Gilchrist M.D.Edin. Senior resident medical officer; J.M. de Vine, general supt.)
Russell Frank, farmer, Week farm
Steele Charles, gardener to Misses Hue
Wadmore Edward, station master
White George, assistant overseer & parish clerk, Post office
27 Results

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