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Shanklin - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Shanklin, Private
Addison Mrs., Idsworth, St. Paul's avenue
Allcome Mrs., Ryvet, Sandown road
Alverstone Lord P.C., G.C.M.G., LL.D., J.P., Alverstone house, Luccombe road; Hornton lodge, Pitt street, Kensington, London W; Room 543, Royal Courts of Justice, W C; & Carlton, Athenaeum & United University clubs, London S W
Apperley Charles James, Bank house, High street
Archer James, Shanklin house, Prospect road
Atherley Arthur Harry Howard J.P., D.L., Landguard manor, Landguard Manor road
Avern Edmund, Deepdene, Victoria avenue
Baker Harold, Holly bank, Wilton Park road
Baker Mrs., 2 Park view, West Hill road
Baker Mrs., Berrie dalem East Cliff road
Barton Arthur, Cranleigh, Clarence road
Barton Miss, Stanley, Atherley road
Batt Arthur Edwin, Corse house, Avenue road
Bedwell William John, Norwood, Wilton Park road
Beesley Mrs., Chalfont lodge, Hope road
Bellairs Nigel, Belvoir, Arthur's hill
Benbow Mrs., The Hendrie, St. Paul's avenue
Blake Henry, The Chestnuts, Hope road
Blake Mrs., Vernon, East Cliff road
Blake Rev. Canon Joseph Sewell M.A., Longcroft, Clarence road
Bower Mrs., Madeira cottage, East Cliff road
Boynton Mrs., Fernhurst, Western road
Breach Mrs., Somerville, St. George's road
Brown Andrew Henry, Oakdene, Hatherton road
Brown Thomas, Beverley, Crescent road
Browne Thomas McCullagh, Ivanhow, Landguard Manor road
Brumby Miss, 3 Dean villas, Wilton Park road
Brumwell George Murray M.D., J.P., Dunelm, Victoria avenue
Brumwell Miss, Barden, Victoria road, Albert road
Bunhill Edwin James, Esher, Landguard Manor road
Burgoyne Mrs., Manston, Clarence road
Burton Mrs., Knocknacree, Steephill road
Bushnell Rev. Thomas Hext M.A., Hazel mount, Florence road
Butler Rev. Charles M.A., Orchard croft, Victoria avenue
Cave Alfred, Ambleside, Landguard Manor road
Chamberlin Miss, Kibitka, Clarence road
Charlton William Henry, Newlyns, Avenue road
Church Miss A.J., Beechworth, Wilton Park road
Clarke Miss J.M., Home of Rest, Sandown road
Clarke Stephenson Robert, The Cliffe, East Cliff promenade
Clatworthy John, Crowndale, Sandown road
Clinch Mrs., Winchester lodge, North road
Close Mrs., Perran lodge, Crescent road
Cohen Mrs., Scinde house, North road
Cole Rev. William Barry B.A. (rector), St. Blasius, Rectory road
Colenutt Mrs., Westbury, Queen's road
Coles Mrs., Cheriton, Wilton Park road
Cooper Arthur Joliffe, Birkby, Grange road
Cooper Ernest Charles, Brantwood, Pomona road
Cooper Francis, Pomona, Pomona road
962 Results

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