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Sandown - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Sandown, Private
Adams-Connor Capt. Henry, The Rangers, Lake Hill
Alesandri Madame, Caprera, Broadway
Alexander Albert, Windermere, Victoria road
Ancell Charles Godfrey, 25 Avenue road
Andrews Robert, West Lynn, Victoria road
Anning Mrs., Melrose, Royal crescent
Arnell Major William Thomas V.D., J.P., Whitecliff, Carter street
Asdell Misses, Wharncliffe cottage, Beachfield road
Baess Mrs., St. Clement's, Riyal crescent
Bailey John, Brinkcliffe, The Cliff
Baillie Mrs., 2 Royal crescent
Baker Walter W., Westfield house, Broadway
Bannister Mrs., Rosalind, Station avenue
Barford Thomas, Newlands house, Royal crescent
Barker Henry Martyn M.D., 16 Station avenue
Barker Miss, Redclyffe, Broadway
Barnes Harold Black, Nairobi, Station avenue
Bartlett Rev. Edwards Charles (United Methodist), Malvern home, Leed street
Bennett Miss, Somerset house, Beachfield road
Billups Howard Barclay, Wollaston, Station avenue
Bird James Binfield, Kingswood, Melville street
Bishop Rev. John Watson Gordon, Dudley house, Winchester Park road
Bishop Walter, St. Kilda, Avenue road
Blore Mrs., Hill house, Leed street
Blyth Miss, Highfield house, Hill street
Boyce James, Pomona, Avenue road
Bretherick Daniel, 49 Station avenue
Bristed Mrs., Holme Lea, Avenue road
Brooke Mrs., 6 Royal street
Browne Capt. Lloyd R.G.A., The Cottage, The Broadway
Bruce George Frederick, Field house, Grafton street
Bulbeck Mrs., Moor villa, York road
Butt Mrs., Campbell house, Beachfield road
Bynner Rev. David Morgan (Congregational), The Manse, Leed street
Chalmers Miss, 24 Station avenue
Chamberlain Rev. John Robert (Congregational), Rippledene, Grove road
Chard Mrs., 28 Melville street
Child Harvey, Lanowlee, Station avenue
Clarke Miss, Llandilo, Broadway
Clayton Col. William Lewis, Harpenden, Leed street
Cockrill Mrs., 61 Station avenue
Cocks Miss, The Cottage, The Cliff
Cole Mrs., St. Jacques, Station avenue
Colenutt Arthur Wingfield, Mayfield, Melville street
Colenutt Frederick, Roseberry, New street
Collinson Mrs., Culverdene, Station avenue
Collis Robert William, Belgrave, Beachfield road
Cooper Mrs. Waldo, The Grange, Grange road
Cooper Mrs., Oakleigh, Broadway
Craig Mrs., Westbury, New street
658 Results

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