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Ryde - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

1699 Results

Ryde, Private
Abbott Mrs., St. Hilda, Well street
Ablewhite Tom S., 54 Argyll street
Adams George, 21 Pier street
Adams Misses, 3 Well street
Airs Walter, 39 West street
Alexander Capt. Ronald M., Strathallan, Queen's road
Allan Richard Ernest, Maythorne, Well street
Alston Mrs., 18 Lind street
Andrews Arthur J.P., St. James' house, Spencer road
Andrews Mrs., 54 Park road
Andrews William George, Ladysmith, Well street
Angenard Miss, 103 Monkton street
Anstey Miss, St. Mary's, Upton road
Ashton Henry, Bank house, Union street
Ashworth Rev. John A. (Primitive Methodist), 45 Swanmore road
Attwood Stephen, Ashleigh, Park road
Atyeo Rev. Cecil Bingham M.A. (curate of All Saints'), 19 West street
Austin Miss, Apley view, Monkton street
Bailey Mrs., Rosemount, Bellevue road
Baker George Frederick, Kildare, 56 Strand
Baker Isaac, 2 Cramond cottages, Quarry road
Balders Mrs., 19 Lind street
Banks Alfred F.R.C.S.Eng., D.P.H.Lond., 14 West street
Barford Herbert William, 34 Union street
Barnes Mrs., Barfield lodge, Barfield
Barry F.R., 12 Partland;s avenue
Bartlett Henry, 65 Swanmore road
Barton Frederick, Mayfield, Upton road, Haylands
Barton Isaac, 21 Partlands avenue
Barton John I., Brnmar, Dover street
Batterbury William, 32 Simeon street
Beaton Miss, 16 Lind street
Bentall Mrs., 3 Partlands avenue
Berguer Miss, Belvidere lodge, Belvidere street
Berwick Thomas, 31 George street
Bevins Mrs., 28 John street
Biggs Arthur P., 89 Monkton street
Bishop Henry, 46 Monkton street
Bishop Sydney James, Gothic mount, West street
Blake Arthur Trollope, 21 Nelso street
Blake John Vickers, 23 Monkton street
Blake Rev. Cyril Lancelot M.A. (curate of All Saints), 69 West street
Blake Wenman, 17 Strand
Blakely Percy L., 60 George street
Blakeway Misses, Althorp house, Spencer road
Blechynden Miss, 1 Ratcliffe avenue
Blunt Mrs., 22 Queen's road
Boger Fred, Fountain cottage, Buckingham road
Boger Mrs., 10 Belvidere street
Bonner Mrs., Datchelor, Upon road, Haylands
1699 Results

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