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Newport - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Newport, Private
Abraham Alfred William, 29 Elm grove
Abraham Ernest, 6 St. John's place
Adams Henry William James, Alma house, Chapel street
Ainsworth Rev. Samuel (Primitive Methodist), 79 Carisbrooke road
Alabone Alfred, 21 Carisbrooke road
Alabone Frank, 103 Carisbrooke road
Alabone Walter, 120 Lower St. James street
Alderman Walter David, 32 Medina avenue
Alderslade John B., The Briary, Avondale road
Alderslade William Marden, Rockleigh, Medina avenue
Allee Charles Thomas, 26 Medina avenue
Allen Henry, Indiana, Fairlee road
Allen Miss, 19 Carisbrooke road
Anderson Miss, Lynton, Carisbrooke road
Arthur George Henry, Silver Tale, Coppin's bridge
Ashton Henry, Molina house, Westminster lane
Bailey William John, junior, Wycliffe, St. John's road
Bailey William John, senior, 5 St. John's place
Baker Alfred James, 29 Medina avenue
Barnes Edwin George, 23 Carisbrooke road
Barney Maurice, 5 Medina avenue
Barrett Robert James, 16 Medina avenue
Bartlett Mrs., Hazelmount, Shide cross
Barton George Alfred James, Milford, Medina avenue
Bassham Herbert Henry, Ambleside, Mount Pleasant road
Baxman Harry, St. Leonard's, St. John's road
Beacon Thomas Edward, 14 Medina avenue
Beckingsale Beauclerc Bennett B.A., Fairlee house, Fairlee road
Bennett Harry, Livingstone villa, Albert street
Bevis Joseph, 92 Carisbrooke road
Biles Mrs., 15 Carisbrooke road
Bird Julian S., 50 Castle road
Bishop Albert Edward, Sishford, Medina avenue
Black Mrs., Westminster house, Westminster lane
Bowler Thomas, 10 St. Thomas square
Brackey George, Havenhurst, Carisbrooke road
Brackley Reginald, 3 Woodbine cottages, St. John's road
Brading Mrs., 6 St. Thomas square
Brierley Thomas Aden, Eovesholme, Avondale road
Bright Harry, 86 Carisbrooke road
Bright Mrs., Clovelly, Castle road
Bright William Lyon, Desford, St. John's road
Brooke Miss, Shide
Brookes Arthur Carr, Edinburgh lodge, Mount Pleasant road
Brown George, Ellesmore, Carisbrooke road
Brummell Horace, 17 Medina avenue
Bull George, 15 Quay street
Bullen Edgar, 64 Carisbrooke road
Bullen Robert, 33 Lugley street
Bunce Charles Edwin, Switsurhurst, Medina avenue
1146 Results

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