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Haven Street - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Arreton - Haven Street, Private
James Miss, Providence cottage
Lake George Worman, Meadow croft,
Roberts Rev, Arthur Charles M.A. (vicar), Vicarage
Royce Caleb, Osborne view
Wilford Henry, Upland view
Arreton - Haven Street, Commercial
Brown Alfred, farmer, Guildford farm
Bullock James Thomas, carpenter
Cheverton Albert, dairyman
Deadman, Frederick, station master
Fleming Mark, blacksmith
Hayden Alfred, farmer, Pondcast farm
Hayden George, carpenter & joiner, Hill cottage
James Sidney, market gardener
Jordan, Miss Catherine Matilda, School-mistress; Council School (mixed) built for 130 children, average attendance 55.
Lipscombe George Ernest, grocer, post office
Lipscombe George, market gardener
Longford Institute (Arthur Talbot Gomme, manager)
Miles William Edward, White Hart P.H.
Millmore George, dairy farmer, Great Briddlesford
Newman Leonard, dairyman
Read James, baker
Russell Herbbert James, farmer, Leopard's farm
Russell Walter, farmer, Gatehouse farm
Salmon William, dairyman
Wendes Tom, coal dealer
Wilkins John, boarding house, Longford house
Wilsted George, farmer Coppidhall
27 Results

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