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Gurnard - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Gurnard, Private
Barker Capt. Henry Littlehales, Rose bank
de Horn Henry G.T., Solent lawn
Gammon Mrs. Seabrooke, Worsley road
Hewitt Mrs., Spring vale
Hollingworth Reginald, The Glen
Ince Rev. John Cook (curate of Holy Trinity, West Cowes), Northcliffe
Jenkins Harry, Park view
Jenkins James, Sea view
Jolliffe Henry, Oak cottage
Lucas James, Victoria house
Matthews Alfred James, Auld Reekie
Miell Thomas jun., Clifton house
Moffat Thomas, Blinda
Smith Edwin A'Court, Green hill
Wakely Mrs., Limaria house
Gurnard, Commercial
Blake James Henry, baker
Derham Mrs., mistress, Gurnard girls & infants Elementary School for 120 children; average attendance 93.
Dunford David, fishmonger
Guy Harry Sidney, poultry farmer, Glenorchie
Humber Jeremh., farmer, Gurnard farm
Leal John, boot maker, Avenue
Lee Alfred, boot maker
Matthews Beatrice (Miss), shopkeeper
Matthews George, beer retailer
Matthews James, butcher
Payne Jessie S. (Mrs.), grocer, Post office
Ritchie Robert, carpenter, Cambria cottage
Shepard Eliza (Mrs.), confectioner
Small Emily (Miss), shopkeeper
Snellgrove Walter, farmer, Baskett farm
Spencer Charles Edward, Gurnard hotel, Worsley road
Woods Edward, cab proprietor
32 Results

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