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Cowes - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Cowes, Private
Acton James, Elstree, Mill Hill road
Atkey Bruce Larkin, Avening, Queen's road
Atkey Douglas, Lisburne house, Queen's road
Atkey Mrs., Cambridge house, Queen's road
Atkins William T., 5 Park terrace, Park road
Baiss Charles James, Mazeppa, Mill Hill road
Ball George William, Parklands, Park road
Baring Mrs., Nubia house, Baring road
Baring Sir Godfrey bart., M.P., D.L., J.P., Nubia house, Baring road; 195 Queens's gate S.W.; Bachelors' club W, & Brooks's & Travellers' clubs S.W., London
Barlow Harry, Thelma, Mill Hill road
Barrett Alfred, Old Charlton, Baring Road
Bartlett George Thomas, 3 Osborne place, Mill Hill road
Bateman Joseph Hartley, High clere, Mill Hill road
Benzie Simpson, Caring, Park road
Berkeley Rev. Miles Cecil M.A. (vicar), Holy Trinity vicarage, Queen's road
Bevan Bruce, The Firs, Park road
Biutcher Henry Herbert, Haven villa, Queen's road
Bizzell George John, Shirley villa, Park road
Brown Charles, Brierleigh, Granville road
Brown Edwin, Glengariff, Mill Hill road
Brown John Robert, Llanfair, Newport road
Brown John Wright, Melton house, Granville road
Brown Mrs., Afton, Newport road
Budge Alfred, The Glen, Weston road
Buller Lady Audrey Jane Charlotte, Balmore, Queen's road
Campbell Mrs., Pelham cottage, Victoria road
Canham Mrs., Buonavista, Park road
Carpenter Rev. Cyril Edmund M.A. (curate to St. Mary's), Alcyone villa, Mill Hill road
Caws Harry Roland, 2 Osborne place. Mill Hill road
Caws Mrs., Ceti villa, Belle Vue road
Chambers Richard, Woodslee, Mill Hill road
Charlton Thomas, The Cedars, Mill Hill road
Clarke Arthur, Church lodge, Castle hill
Clarke Mrs., Periton house, Park road
Clarke William James, Cheriton, Mill Hill road
Coghland Frederick, Venetia, Park road
Collins Thomas, Stanley vialla, Park road
Cooke Capt. John William, Windor house, Newport road
Cosway Miss, Norfolk house Queen's road
Cottell George, Brockhampton, Weston road
Cowper Comm. Charlton C. De M., R.N., Beaulieu, Queen's road
Cust Miss, Castle rock, Castle hill
Cust Mrs., Cliff side, Cliff road & Gothic house, Queen's road
Damant Arthur Johnson, Northwood lodge, Castle road
Damant Atherstone, Northwood lodge, Castle road
Damant James Charles Wilson, Montpellier, Cliff road
Daniell Miss, Bedford house Newport road
Day Henry Edward, Trent house, Newport road
De Horsey Admiral Sir Algernon Frederick. Rous K.C.B., J.P., Melcombe house, Queen's road
Dennis Mrs., Victoria cottage, Park road
724 Results

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