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Chillerton - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Chillerton, Commercial
Allen Albert, dairy
Bright Walter, dairyman
Hallas Bertram, master, Elementary School (with resistance for the teachers), for children of Chillerton, Gatcombe and part of Wootton; built in 1883 for 150 children; average attendance 80.
Henton Albert, dairyman, Upper Rill; & farmer, Loverstone farm
Morgan Richard Young, farmer, Ramsdown
Morris Andrew, farmer, Chillerton farm
Niblett Julia (Mrs.), dairy, Chillerton Green
Niblett Louis Charles, carpenter
Niblett William, dairyman, Bank cottage
Phillips William, dairyman, Lower Rill
Russell Henry, farmer, Roslin
Wells Frederick, farmer, Cridmore
Westmore Alfred, dairyman, Rome farm
13 Results

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