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Brook - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Brook, Private
Seely Sir. Charles bart.D.L., J.P., Brook house
Shaw Rev. Courtnety Albert M.A. (rector)
Brook, Commercial
Brown Lucy (Mrs.), farmer, Dunsbury & Compton farms
Bryson Andrew, farm bailiff to Sir Charles Seely bart., Brook farm
Cogger James William, apartments, Chine villa
Cook Frank, fishing pot & basket maker
Cook John, fisherman & second coxswain of life boat
Handley Esau, chief boatman, Coast Guard station
Hayter Robert, apartments, Brook villa
Hayter Roland, carrier
Hayter William, apartments, Chine villa
Hookey James, blacksmith
Hookey John, sexton
Hookey Thomas William, dairy farmer
Jacobs Benjamin, fisherman & coxswain of life boat
Johnson Harriet (Mrs.), laundress
Millmore Mary (Mrs.), carrier
Newbury Elizabeth (Mrs.), sub-postmistress
Newbury Henry, carpenter & wheelwright
Parish Reading Room (Robert Hayter, caretaker)
Reid Clara (Miss), mistress, Hulverstone Elementary school (mixed), for the parishes of Brook and Mottistone; the building, formerly a barn, was converted into a school about 1870, and enlarged in 1895 for 160 children; average attendance 67; new class-rooms and a playground added 1895 at the expense of Sir Charles Seely bart.
Tribbick William, head gardener to Sir Charles Seely bart., D.L., J.P.
Wheeler James, dairyman
White Frederick, Sun inn, Hulverstone
24 Results

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