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Bembridge - Kelly 1911 - Commercial and Private entries- Page 1

(Some road names have changed over the years, see this document for some further info.)

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Bembridge, Private
Adams Mrs., The Shieling
Attrill Walter, Dover house
Ball James H., Cliff Bay house
Butler Walter, 1 Leander cottages
Cardew Mrs., Lane End house
Caw George, Aldermoor
Collins Miss, Oldgarth
Denison Joseph Basil, Balure
Derry Arthur Douglas, Wynfield
Dick Director-Gen. Sir James Nicholas K.C.B., Sea wood
Donne Mrs., The Elms
Durnford Walter, Pitt house
Edwards F. A. Grange villa
Egan Miss, Daheim
Ellis Edward, Fairhaven
Fitzwilliam Lady Alice Mary, East cliff
Francis Rev. Edward Howard M.A., Knowlehurst
Goodal William Henry St. Jeane d'Acre cottage
Goodall Jeremiah, The Moorings
Gordon Edward M.D., The Limes
Grant Henry Mrs., 1 Harbour Mount vil
Grueber Herbert, Moreton villa
Hoare Sydney, Holmleigh
Imay Jarnes, The Cottage
Innes James, Wray house
Jordan John, East view
Knight Davenport, Ducie avenue
Love Alfred, Elmslie
MacKenzie Keith Ronald, Vectis lodge
Mainwaring Col. Rowland Broughton C.M.G., Bembridge lodge
Maurice Rev Lyrrleton Henry Powys M.A., The Durdans
Moreton Lieut.-Col. Augustus Henry Macdonald, Hill grove
Morley William, Birdham villas
Orchard Cornelius, 2 Harbour Mt. Villa
Pickthall Miss, Daheim
Pusterle Henri, Ducie avenue
Savile Robt. Stewart - J.P., King's oak
Serocold Claud Pierce, Hill cottage
Smith Alfred, Foreland road
Tabuteau Moliere, Woodlands
Thomas Merton, Tyne hall
Thornycroft Sir John Isaac L.L.D., F.R.S., Steyne
Usherwood Rev. Edward Cuthbert M.A. (vicar), The Vicarage
Vigo James, Landsdowne villa
Windham Major George Smyth, The Shrubbery
Youbg James Allen, Tonacombe
Bembridge, Commercial
Ash Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments
Attrill Arthur, apartments, Gordon villa
Attrill George, apartments, Salisbury cottage
Ausin Daniel, apartments, Dennett road
153 Results

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