Cowes old picture postcards (the sea front)

Cowes - the sea frontCowes, the RiverCowes, the townCowes, the ferries

Guide - circa 1900

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Cowes harbour
Cowes Harbour
contributed by Barry Sowerby
Victoria Pier, Cowes
Victoria Pier, Cowes - 1907
Cowes Victoria Pier
Cowes Victoria Pier
contributed by Barry Sowerby
Cowes front
Cowes front
contributed by Barry Sowerby
Cowes from East Cowes
West Cowes looking from East Cowes
West Cowes Promenade
West Cowes Promenade
Cowes Esplanade
Cowes Esplanade - 1912
contributed by Pat Tuffin

Cowes Parade 1908
Cowes Parade - 1908
contributed by Barry Sowerby
Royal Yacht Squadron Clubhouse  Cowes
Royal Yacht Squadron Clubhouse
Cowes Week
Cowes Week
Anglers at Cowes
Anglers at Cowes Parade
contributed by Donald Catterall

Cowes - The Green
Cowes, the Green
presented to Cowes as a public open space by George Stephenson in 1863
Royal Yacht Squadron
Royal Yacht Squadron - 1928

The text of the card reads:
"Dear M & D,
Just got here,
soon going home,
nice weather
rotten place
shops shut
King at tea "

Nice to know they enjoyed their visit !

contributed by Pat Tuffin - Ideal therapeutic treatments on the Isle of Wight